Name: Ultimate • Survival
Price: 85.00 USD


  • :[Ultimate]: prefix in-game.
  • VIP Access (ability to join a server even when it's full).
  • Ability to Silk Touch mine all kinds of minable spawners.
  • Access to Tree Feller (cut down a whole tree at once and collect items automatically in your inventory).
  • Access to 4 private vaults (vault size 4 rows).
  • Sign text type formatting.
  • Sign text colour formatting.
  • Access to private in-game text.
  • Priority player support.
  • Access to Beta builds/test servers.
  • Early Access to new features.
  • 30 Slots in Player Shop.
  • Max Claim limit: 7 Claims


  • 2560 Bonus Claim Blocks.
  • 10x Mystic Crate Keys.
  • 3x Legendary Crate Keys.


  • /vault 4 or /pv 4 – Opens your private vault 4.
  • /clearinventory – quickly clear your inventory (caution it’ll remove everything).
  • /helpop – Send Private Message to Admins in-game.
  • /msg [playername] – Send private messages to other players.
  • /enderchest – Open your Ender chest anywhere you want no need to carry it around).
  • /condense – Quickly convert all craft-able items into blocks in your inventory.
  • /nick – Change your nickname.
  • /ptime – Change your own time of the day to your willing.
  • /ptime reset – Resets your ptime.
  • /feed – Instantly fill your hunger bar (Costs 300$ in-game each time).
  • /feed [playername] – Feed another player [Costs $300 each time you use it, no cooldown].
  • /back – Go back to the last spot (cooldown of 180 seconds).
  • /heal – Instantly heal yourself. Also removes all kinds of effects. [Costs $500 each time you use it, no cooldown]
  • /tppos [x] [y] [z] – Teleport to xyz coordinates directly.
  • /pweather – Change the weather to your willing
  • /pweather reset – Reset your pweather.
  • /sethome x15 – Set home up to 15 places (use /homes to see all the set homes).

Note: All Bonus Claim Blocks and Crate keys (if not used), will be carried over in a reset.